Relationship Impact of the Confinement

The pandemic has forced families to live in confinement, producing a major shakeup of traditional roles
specially for men:“working from home”. Now men have 24/24 hours exposure to the day to day decisions and tasks that keep the family afloat and developing.
But usually, more than 80 % of the tasks are performed by the female, added to her own work out of the house.

Now, with men sharing the house 24 hours, what changes are happening in male’s perception of what are really the home chores?

1.Are you:
2.What is your Age?
3.How many people are living in your household?
4.Before the confinement how many hours outside of your home your spent have on average each day?
5.When it was decided to close your workplace, how did you adapt to working from home?
6.How working at home impacted your work style
7.How was the experience of having to share space with your partner?
8.Being at home all day, you could see the amount of household chores that has to be taken care every day
9.In the case your partner is an essential workers, and you stayed home and take care of the children, you reacted as:
10.What is your main learning from this work at home experience?
11.Where you fight with your partner ? What was be the worst reason for fights?
12.If you had to select one big learning from this confinement with your family experience, what would it be?

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