About Creative Conflict Resolutions

CCR is a research, training and coaching team concerned about turning relationships into happy and healthy experiences to be applied to shared development and self-growth.

There are more than 40 years of relationship experience between Nora Femenia and Neil Warner. We’ve seen client conflicts all over the world, and experienced many different relationship conflicts (including our own).
Because of this experience, both professional and personal, we built Creative Conflict Resolutions on a foundation made up of some very key ingredients. Instead of going into a long history about how we started, we’ll share with you what we’re about and what we aim to help you with.

Ingredient One:

Any relationship is a contract. Two individuals promise to help each other satisfy their needs.

Thus, to support healthier relationships,  we need to help people find new ways to meet their personal needs in ways that will serve them and others in the long term.

Ingredient Two:

Human beings need interpersonal conflict in order to grow.

Not everyone will tell you this. We fight in order to individualize and keep learning other lessons, but also to get the other person’s attention. It is through relationships that people either rise to the most creative possibilities, or fall into the immobilizing trap of fear and stop growing.

Thus, our task at Creative Conflicts is to teach you to develop nurturing, learning experiences through which you can grow.


Ingredient 3:

Hate and anger poison your life, even if the person you hate “deserves it.”

You can even physically harm yourself by harboring that negativity. So, learning to deal with conflict can literally save your life. We aim to help people manage their negative emotions about the world and teach them how to handle the world in a confident, independent and calm way.

What we do not do:

Taking sides in any confrontation;
Deciding who is right or who is wrong;
Adjudicating blame;
Rejecting people because their way of expressing pain is aggression.



  • Stop emotional distress caused by relationship pain;
  • Prevent confusion, fogging and crazy-making behaviors;
  • Have clarity on your own needs and life purpose;
  • Feel understood, appreciated and fulfilled;
  • Develop as a healthy, happy and creative person.



We offer a unique mix of:

  • Clinical psychology;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Emotional processing work;
  • With life experiences as therapists, conflict solvers, trainers and conflict coaches.

We offer our own step by step model for stress free healthy relationships that satisfy our deep emotional needs. We apply this model on surveys; ebooks and coaching sessions.

Our model is centered on the research-based connection between personal history and present behaviors, more precisely on the way old attachments are shaping our love connections now;

When clients identify their attachment model using our “Attachment Test, they can see why and how they carry such a narrow view of “love” into any new bond.

This is the model we apply:


  1. Clients unconsciously apply this old relationship pattern into their present relationships, reading actual interactions through an old mindset.
  2.  They confuse the present lover with a figure of the past, as their “controlling mother,” or any other parent figure and reenact the old pattern…
  3.  During the coaching sessions we work together to identify those old patterns, as they manifest now in the interaction with spouse;
  4. Once the patterns have been identified, we teach how to replace old patterns with  new bonding interactions, including appreciation and respect.

This is a  step by step change process directed to building a secure/healthy/loving adult attachment.